Sunday, August 21, 2011

Guest ducks from Tales and Tails

We are honored to have on the Duck, Bob. Duck! blog special ducks and greyhounds! Oooo, sorry, Morgan - and, most importantly, german shepherds. :) A big welcome goes out to Houndstooth and her crew from Tales and Tails;

Introductions please...

The ever regal in pink, greyhound ambassador and web superstar, Bunny.


 who was apparently a little disgruntled at the indignity of posing in the tub with a duck. We're with you Blue.

Morgan, also of Wandering Wolfy fame, the guard of all things duck, taking a little spa day off from her patrols of the perimeter.

And the true lady of the house, Lilac, who knows posing in the tub is not proper especially if it means walking away from her fan.

Thanks for being a part of Duck Bob, Duck!

Go visit Tales and Tails and Wandering Wolfy for some fantastic stories about life with greyhounds and a german shepherd.


houndstooth said...

Ha ha ha! Oh, you made them sound funnier than I can! The sad part is that there are more ducks here that didn't even get into the photo shoot.

Duck Bob Duck said...

Thank you for the compliment. I truly enjoyed your photos, they cracked me up! I don't know how you got all three dogs to sit in the tub. Kudos to you. We reuse the same ducks in different photos, and are looking forward to new poses of your ducks, or ducks with dogs!

Sue said...

houndstooth's gang sure like their ducks:)