Thursday, August 25, 2011


Free at last, free at last! Super excited about having new ducks added to the flock. Meet Quatro Cinco (the Spanish speaking duck) and Pepe.


houndstooth said...

*gasp* New ducks?! I knew you couldn't hold out for long. It's nice to see where the madness all started, too!

Duck Bob Duck said...

Ya. And. Um. 78 more ducks are on their way. Yes, that is correct. 78 ducks. I had to order them by the dozen. There are alien ducks, super hero ducks, pirate ducks, 1920's flapper ducks, monster ducks, and dinosaur ducks.

I will offer the extras on the site soon for people who are having difficulties finding cool ducks.

The quarter machine is great, but I end up with more stickers than ducks, duplicate ducks, and a whole lot of disappointment!