Sunday, July 1, 2012


I know we have said it before, but this time we mean it! We at Duck Bob have been on a severe hiatus and our sincerest apologies. We have had an unconscionable amount of things happen in our personal lives and were forced to settle those events before bringing silly joy to the general populous. Though, we were shocked to see just exactly how much time has passed since our last post. Yikes!

During our MIA stint we have had many great submissions from Duck Bob friends and supporters. Thank you for your patience while we returned from off planet. And, please keep those photos coming in, they will be posted.

A little note, due to the large amount of guest photos, we have back peddled a bit and entered the posts in a little time warp. Today is actually August 5, 2012, not July 1, 2012. However, so we don't have 30 posts all on today's date, we are back-posting with dates beginning in July. Though, any posts after August 6th will be in real time.

(Part of the large amount of posts all at once is also because the last post since our hiatus on February 25, is of Bailey, one of Duck Bob's dogs, who very unexpectedly passed away not long after that photo was taken. Though it makes us smile to see her having fun, her passing still sharply hurts, so we are going to move that photo back just a bit into the older posts. Thanks for humoring us.)

Welcome back!

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