Monday, December 12, 2011

Hard Rock

We at Duck Bob, actually have jobs that don't involve taking photos of ducks in odd locations. I know, Gasp! Though our real job is about as cool as it gets - we work at Aerolite Meteorites and get quite the few perks; like working with a fantastic friend, traveling the US for trade shows, going on location of the TV show Meteorite Men and meeting lots of people who share a unique interest - meteorites.

We recently finished a massive undertaking over at the Aerolite offices, which included considerable time and effort; a new website and photographing and cataloging the Notkin Collection of meteorites. In celebration of finishing this monumental project, we thought we would take a duck photo -of the ducks hanging out on one of the most spectacular Canyon Diablo (Meteor Crater) meteorites we have ever had the honor to photograph.

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